My name is Brittney and I am an alcoholic.

For as long as I can remember, alcohol was a part of what I thought was a normal life. I began heavily drinking in high school and ignored numerous signs that I had a problem. Alcohol gave me courage, friends, and a “party girl” life that I became obsessed with. After high school, drinking and partying took the front seat in my life. Blacking out became the only thing that I was sure would happen in a night. I thought I was functioning just fine, until the day I knew I wasn’t.

I am happy to say that my memories today are my own, not some pieced together stories that I have to hear from people that I was with the night before.

I have been sober for about 2 years now. Sobriety has given me much more than alcohol ever could. Today I have a new normal life and I wouldn’t trade that for all the Fireball in the world.image

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  1. Wonderful. I have a similar relationship with alcohol and have found a lot of similar bliss in sobriety. What a great site you’ve started. I will put your site on my ‘blog roll’ so new posts appear on my site as well. Just let me know if that’s a problem for you.

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